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Gaming machines are of diverse types and customized for the purpose for which functions it will perform. Thi sis different from going online and using all the offers available on http://www.topbettingsite.co.uk/#best-offers.

A notable manufacturer is Microgaming. They are the major provider of software for online casino machines. Till date, well over 100 different types of casino games have been launched by this company for the purpose of online casino. In addition to this, they have equally designed and manufactured 50 slot machines.

The interesting aspect of these newly launched casino games, are created, each with its uniqueness in terms of theme, hillbillies, gypsies, and K9 dogs. This article therefore is meant to do a review of some of these machine and newly launched casino games.

We are going to do a review of some of these casino games for the benefit of bettors. It will be very important if you take great care at reading through the review, pick the salient points as that may inform your decision on what kind of game you will choose to play at the online casino. Now let us look at the following games;

  1. TOMB RAIDER-SECRET OF THE SWORD: This wonderfully crafted 5-reel Casino Slot will thrill your heart in terms of racing ability. It is power-packed with a massive 30 pay-lines. There is a hold feature and also offers free spin. There is a price bonus round coupled with random shoot en up wilds. It is built with multi-screen bonus features. If you call it new breed bonus slot created by Microgaming.


  1. BREAK DA BANK AGAIN: This is yet another revised 5-reel Casino Slot machine just as Tomb Raider-Secret of the Sword is equally a revised one. The feature of 5x multipliers combined with 15 free spins is endowed with the capacity to do pay out a bundle of slot coins. Should you engage in 3 or more safe scatters will trigger the free spin.


  1. CELTIC CROWN: It is at that time you have decided to throw in the towel because you have thought that it cannot be better than it is now. Right at that moment, lose yourself in the charm and engage the mystic of Celtic Crown bonus video slot machine. I tell you will marvel. You can trigger free spins with 3 or more golden harps. Take a delight in the Princess feature if triggered, then 2, 3 and 4 reels display its symbol.


  1. DOUBLE o CASH: Talk of rivalry; I will say this Microgaming slot rivals James Bond in dexterity and swiftness. It is true video bonus in its own class. It offers up to 30 free spins. There is a feature that is an action packed bonus round. I bet you, this video slot releases fun. It is decent slot payouts.


  1. HITMAN: This is 5-reel online casino gaming machine slot. It takes deep into the deadly underworld of the new breed assassins. It is designed to accept coins from the denomination of $0.01 to $0.25. Note that the maximum number of coins you are allowed per spin is 300. Designed in such a way that it has the following features; Wild Symbol, a Free Spin Trigger Symbol, a Bonus Trigger Symbol, a Scatter Symbol and a Free Spin. Depending on your dexterity and understanding of the game, you can win as much as 20,000 in the base game. On the other hand, you can go home smiling with as much as 40,000 in the free spin feature.


  1. BARS & STRIPES: This is yet another 5-reel online casino gaming machine, equally developed by Microgaming. It is kitted with 25 pay-line video slot built with a patriotic American theme. The graphic of the machine is colorful, comprises of red, white and blue. It is embedded with the Statue of Liberty. In it you will find, hotdogs, apple pie, lots of cookies, and guess what? A mouth-watering Thanksgiving turkey! This online casino machine accepts coins from $0.01 to $1.00. It plays on you a limiting bar that the maximum amount of coins you can bet is 250 per spin. Then you can win as high as 50,000 coins, by the maximum.


  1. CURRY IN A HURRY: Another 5-reel online casino gaming machine. It is equipped with 25 pay-line video slot, interestingly with an Indian restaurant theme. This machine debuted in November 2007, graphically designed with the theme of an Indian waiter. Just as the name, it has lots of curry food. This machine accepts coins from $0.01 to $0.50. It restricts your betting to a maximum of 500 coins at a bet per spin. You can win as much as 9000 coins which translate to $4500.00.


  1. BOOGIE MONSTER: A 5-reel online casino gaming machine. It is kitted with 40 pay-line video slot and also with zany 1970. This machine was equally released in October 2007. It accepts coins from $0.01 to $0.50, with the maximum numbers of coins you can bet per spin is limited to 400. Note, however, that you can wager within $0.01 - $200 per spin. Your possible maximum winning is 24000 coins.


  1. FRANKEN CASH: This is a popular 5-reel online gaming machine. It has 20 pay-line video slot. The theme is set on a mad scientist “inside his spare parts” laboratory. It debuted in September 2007. Designed to accept coins from $0.01 to $1.00. The maximum numbers of coins you can bet per spin is 200. Your possible jackpot is fixed at 2500 coins.


  1. MOONSHINE: This is yet another popular 5-reel online casino gaming machine with 25 pay-line video slot and designed with a hillbilly theme. This is where you will encounter bizarre and gun-crazy granny, the county sheriff and then a shelf filled with moonlight. Coins acceptability is from $0.01 - $1.00 with 125 coins as the maximum you can bet on a spin. You are opportune to win a maximum of 8000 coins.

It does not matter where you play your casino, either in Paris, Venice or in Las Vegas, there is a golden advice. It is that never you play with the money you can’t afford to lose.